Lo Chic de Madrid para el NYT

Recientemente un corresponsal del New York Times (NYT) estuvo en Madrid-España y tomò algunas fotos, que para el representan lo màs chic de algunas calles de madrid (A Madrid Street Goes Chic)

A continuacion presento algunas de las fotos tomadas y mantengo los comentarios originales en inglès del fotografo y corresponsal que lo hizo:

Lately, the quiet street Calle Conde Duque in Madrid has also become a tranquil cluster of cafes and fashionable boutiques. Left, El Jardín Secreto, a local favorite, is a good place to finish off the day with caipirinhas and chocolate cake.


(Photo: Matias Costa for The New York Times)

The shop Mini has suits and slightly more grown-up clothes for the working man.


The Cuartel del Conde Duque, once military barracks, houses two free museums, an auditorium, city archives and various libraries. It stretches along three street blocks.


Locals love La Herradura for the Mexican breakfast of huevos rancheros and café de olla.


Clean opened last fall just two blocks off Conde Duque and stocks French labels like A.P.C., extending the Grupo Sportivo retail empire into women’s clothing and accessories.


As the name suggests, the shop Sportivo is all about men’s sportswear, especially the type of Anglo-athletic-inspired apparel that has become the uniform of Madrid’s smart set.


Duke specializes in high-end sneakers.


The owner of La Franco Argentine sells imported comestibles like jumbo jars of Chimbote dulce de leche and other “nostalgias gastronómicas” to the city’s Argentine expat community.


(Photo: Matias Costa for The New York Times)

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